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Spinning or indoor cycling allows individuals to improve cardiovascular function and increase muscular strength.

Spinning is low impact, making it ideal for older adults or anyone wanting to avoid high impact stress.

Take your exercise to a new level with a fun and easy to follow indoor cycling class.

Work at your own pace.

LOW IMPACT...safest kind of exercise.

Classes for every rider.

Improve your cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone.

Spin and Pump It Intervals,  utilizes light hand weights for an upper body workout as well. 

Come join us for a class where every rider finishes first!

New To Spin???

​1.  Arrive 15 minutes prior to your first class.

​This will allow us to set up your bike for you and give you the Skinny on Spin Class.

​2.  Always start with some tension on the bike.

​The instructor will call out cues as to when to turn up or turn down the resistance.  These are suggestions.  Each rider should ride at their own comfort level.

​3.  Keep pedal pace with the instructor.

​When you ride you want your pedal speed to match that of the instructor.  If you are going to fast, turn up the resistance.  If you are having trouble keeping up, then release some resistance.

​At The Fixx, we  ride to the BMP on the music.  Hill climbs, will be slower, flat roads and sprints are faster.

​When you stand you always increase the resistance on the bike.

​Not all students may be able to stand or do the entire class.  That is OK!  We want you to work at your own pace.  It takes your body 6 weeks to get use to exercise.

​Be patient.........the results and health benefits are worth it.